England's relegation from the Guinness Six Nations would be "catastrophic" for the game on these shores, according to acting Rugby Football Union chief executive Nigel Melville.

That doomsday scenario would become a possibility if World Rugby's proposed Nations Championship proceeds.

Although England's drop out of the Six Nations is a highly-unlikely scenario, it has been suggested that were it to happen then Twickenham would have to be sold. 

In a comment that appears to end the prospect of the Nations Championship being approved in its current format, Melville insists the RFU will not allow ownership of its 82,000-capacity ground to ever be threatened.

"I think we make sure it doesn't arise. That solves that problem. You just don't want to get into a situation where you're making decisions like that," Melville said.

"To be relegated, the catastrophe isn't just the team being relegated, it's our ability to fund the game as a governing body in England.

"Can we fund the community game in England to the level we do now if we don't have the revenues we have?"