Joe Schmidt has hinted that he will leave his position as Ireland head coach after next year’s World Cup.

The New Zealander’s contract is up after the tournament in Japan and he will decide if he will stay on or head for a new challenge after a discussion with his family tomorrow.

Speculation has bubbled that he could take the reins with his native country, and Schmidt has already spoken of the torment he’s going through.

After seeing his much-changed side beat the USA in Ireland’s final Test of the year, he revealed that he’d informed the IRFU of his intentions a while ago, adding that the organisation are happy to leave the door open for him should he change his mind.

"I'm incredibly lucky to have the IRFU with the patience they have," he said.

"I've given them an indication. I just need to talk to people tomorrow and it'll be made public. It might be frustrating for you guys but it's really wrecking my head.

"[The IRFU] have said, ‘don’t be rash, if you change your mind we’d love to continue that conversation or if you change your mind, and we don’t need to have a conversation, we can continue the way we are, that’s great’.

"They’ve set up different scenarios just in case we can sort something out without too much drama.

"I'm a small cog in a machine. I'm so confident we have such a great group... the last month has been a huge collective effort.

"If you don’t celebrate small windows where you achieve something you’re not human."