Ireland may have racked up a record 10th home win on the bounce against Argentina, but victory at the Aviva Stadium was hardly plain sailing.

The first half particularly was pockmarked by unforced errors which gave hope to the tenacious Pumas, before Ireland finally pulled away in the last 15 minutes. 

Aside from the injuries to Robbie Henshaw and Sean O'Brien, the biggest concern was the performance of the lineout.

Ireland were shoddy from the off, and only started to look remotely comfortable when Devin Toner replaced Iain Henderson on the hour mark. 

With the All Blacks in town next weekend, a repeat of the malfunctions witnessed against Argentina will spell disaster. 

"Ireland are usually so clinical and so dangerous, and that's where a lot of their line breaks come from," said Stephen Ferris on the RTÉ panel. "We need to function without Devin as well."

Eddie O'Sullivan echoed the concerns, saying: "When Devin Toner is on the field our lineout always fires well. It's a problem, without him on the field. We knew pretty early in the game this was a problem. That feeds into next week.

"The lineout is crucial. If you're not getting quality ball off the lineout... it's very hard to get over the gain line and launch attacks. 

"When Devin Toner came on, they couldn't throw it down to where Toner was; they threw it to where O'Mahony was, he stole the lineout which led to the try. So it affects us when we're attacking and it affects us when we're defending."

And Brent Pope added his own concerns, pointing out: "The best ball you can get in the midfield is the tail on the lineout ball that's clean. We didn't see any clean midfield breaks. 

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