By Tadhg Peavoy


80 mins Scrum Australia on halfway: the Aussies hold on and Genia clears to touch. The game is over. South Africa dominated all over the park. They had chances galore but they couldn't take them. Australia march on, the Springboks are out of the World Cup.

80 mins Again the Boks bash forward with Burger and Rossouw, but they knock it forward - Australia scrum. Surely that's game, set and match. The time is up, but the scrum will go ahead. Australia musn't concede a penalty at this scrum.

79 mins The Aussies lose it in the ruck and the Boks pass out along the line to De Villiers. Burger and Matfield bash up the flank. Rossouw does similar. They are working their way up the field to gain a chance at a drop goal.

78 mins The Boks boot long downfield and O'Connor fields. He wins a scrum.

77 mins Scrum Australia: they win it, just. Genia tries to find the corner with a kick. It goes just over the dead ball line and Lambie touches down for a 22 drop-out.

76 mins Scrum South Africa: they win and go wide, no ground made. Burger tries to make some hard yards. Rossouw does the same. Du Plessis tries to force his way through. Elsom holds up Du Plessis and forces a turnover. Scrum Australia.

75 mins Faingaa is on for Beale for Australia.

74 mins De Villiers finds forward momentum to crash up the midfield. The South Africans win a scrum.

73 mins Genia takes a mark in his own 22. He smashes the ball to touch. Burger takes the ball well and the Boks maul it.


From wide left of goal, near halfway, O'Connor smashes it through the sticks. Australia lead this Test match.

72 mins Samo loses the ball forward in the lineout. Then the Boks spill it. Play is brought back as Samo was taken out in the air at the lineout. Penalty against Rossouw for pulling Samo's legs from under him. O'Connor will step up to kick the penalty at goal.

71 mins Lineout Boks in their 22: Matfield takes and the Boks maul it. Steyn boots it to touch.

70 mins Slipper is on for Kepu.

69 mins The Aussies try to run it from deep and have no joy. Barnes puts boot to ball and finds touch in the Boks 22.

67 mins Samo picks from the base and sets the ruck. The ball is spun back and Cooper knocks on, then Du Preez seizes the ball and goes for the line. Then he knocks on. Australia boot clear and the referee plays advantage. Lambie goes for a drop goal from halfway and misses it - by a whisker!

66 mins Scrum Australia: Cooper boots to the Boks. The Boks go at Australia and Burger drives like a wildebeest. Beastly. Steenkamp follows suit, but Pocock steals it and Genia tries to clear, his kick is blocked down and the Boks go again, the Boks knock it on and it's scrum Australia in their own 22.

65 mins The Boks win the lineout and Steyn launches a garryowen. O'Connor gets under it and takes it well.

64 mins Scrum Australia: Samo picks and offloads as Cooper is fed. He completely slices a clearance off his boot and into touch on halfway.

62 mins The Boks win a lineout and drive hard with more pick and goes. Du Preez feeds Burger who bashes up a few more yards. De Villiers has a drive and then the Boks go wide right but spill the ball under no pressure. Scrum to Australia.


South Africa churn through phase after phase, grinding their way forward and Morne Steyn drops into the pocket. From the 10-metre line he smashes over a drop goal - the Boks lead.
South Africa 9-8 Australia

59 mins It's all South Africa but they simply cannot get the try their territory and possession deserve.

58 mins Du Plessis picks and goes but the Aussies win a penalty as Rossow dives in off his feet. Another botched chance for South Africa.

57 mins A 22-drop out to the Aussies. But the Boks block it down and set up the ruck in the Aussie 22. Hougaard drives at the line as does Louw. The Aussies hold firm.

56 mins Beale launches an up and under but Hougaard - on for Habana - field it. The Boks bash it way up at the Aussies.


The Boks win the lineout and maul it hard. Australia are penalised for killing the maul. Steyn will kick the penalty at goal, from outside the 22, right of the posts. No mistake from the outhalf. South Africa 6-8 Australia

54 mins The Aussies win the lineout and Cooper boots long to touch.

53 mins Scrum to South Africa in the Aussie 22. Berrick Barnes is on for Pat McCabe for Australia. Pies picks and goes from the scrum and Rocky Elsom and O'Connor smash him into touch.

52 mins Boks lineout: Burgers wins it and they set up the ruck. Steenkamp is brought down by Samo as the Boks go through the phases.

51 mins Steyn bashes the penalty to touch in the Aussie 22.

50 mins So scrum back from where the ball was kicked in the Boks half. The Aussies are penalised in the scrum and the Boks win the penalty.

49 mins The Aussies win their scrum and boot long. Habana fields it and returns the kick. It's a shocking kick and goes over the deadball line. The Boks are all over the shop - errors left, right and centre.

48 mins The Boks win their lineout and go to De Villiers at 12. They recycle and Habana has a lash. Australia are hammering the Boks back in the ruck but the Boks get the ball to Habana and he scorches down the left wing. But the ball is called back for a forward pass from Spies. Another lucky break for the Aussies.

47 mins Scrum Australia: they win it and Cooper clears long.

44 mins Scrum Australia: the Boks turn over in their own half and bring play up the other end of the field. They make the Aussie 22 and De Villiers pops to Lambie on the 22-metre line and the fullback sprints over to score - but play is called back for a forward pass from De Villiers. The Aussies get away with it.

43 mins Boks recycle with Du Preez and Smit, to Steyn in the centre. Pieterson takes up the mantle and then Burger again. Spies battles with Kepu but the Boks turnover and Ioane gets fed the ball and sprints down the flank. Then the Aussies go wide right as Cooper tries to find O'Connor. The ball goes forward off Habana's hand - scrum Australia in the Boks half.

41 mins We're off and the Boks are straight on the attack with Burger and again they spill forward at the breakdown and the Aussies counter. Kicks are exchanged and Cooper boots long to Lambie. Burger again bashes at midfield as he drops the shoulder.

0658 Essentially the Boks bossed that first half, but the Aussies stole ruck ball at will and and were more clinical going forward. If the Boks can continue to dominate and capitalise they could overturn this defecit. However, the Aussies look far better going forward.

0653 All the talk in studio is of how Pocock latches on to the ball at breakdown and is unmovable. Ryle Nugent has likened him to a plunger he just sucks on and won't let go.


40 mins Lineout to the Aussies: Vickerman wins it and the men in yellow maul at their African opponents. The clock ticks into the red and South Africa win another penalty for the Aussies holding on at the ruck. From way out on the left touchline Steyn decides to go for goal. He's almost at the 10-metre line and inches from the sideline. He fails to catch it right and pulls it to the left. That's the last action of the half.


Cooper clears long to touch on halfway. The Boks win the lineout and go to Habana on a crash ball at first centre - Samo smashes him in the tackle. Boks retain and Steenkamp has a drive. Smit also drives hard and the Aussies illegally try to turn it over and concede the penalty. Steyn goes for goal from just outside the Aussie 22, in front of goal, he sticks it over. The Boks are off the mark.
South Africa 3-8 Australia.

36 mins South Africa steal the lineout and Du Preez storms at the Aussies, but then knocks on. The Boks are error-riddled so far today.

33 mins De Villiers crashes up the middle as SA run it back at the Aussies. Quick hands from the Boks get the ball to Pieterson and he goes to contact in the Aussie 22. But he doesn't release on the ground and Pocock locks onto the ball and forces a turnover - penalty to Australia. The Aussies clear their lines.

32 mins The Boks kick the penalty to the corner. They win the lineout and maul forward but the Aussies turn it over and whack it downfield! Yet another turnover in the Aussie 22.

31 mins Scrum South Africa: they win and spin wide right and recycle with Spies driving hard at the Aussies. Boks then go wide left and Habana tries to jink his way over - he is stopped in the 22. Penalty to South Africa as the Aussies infringe at the breakdown.

30 mins Boks win and launch another garryowen. The Aussies field it and O'Connor breaks up the middle. But he knocks on and the South Africans will have a scrum slap bang in the middle of the pitch.

29 mins Aussies boot it to the Boks and the compliment is returned. Cooper spins wide left and Ioane takes to contact. Beale launches a garryowen. Burger bashes his way back at the Aussies. Du Preez boxkicks long and Ioane fields under great pressure and clears to touch on halfway.

27 mins From inches his own half, Steyn steadies himself. It's just left of goal and Steyn comes close but pushes it wide right.

26 mins The scum is set in the Aussie half. They win and go wide through O'Connor and Elsom. But Australia get caught offside in the ruck and it's a penalty to the Boks. Morne Steyn will go for goal, it's from near halfway and will require a serious bit of welly.

25 mins The Aussies force a turnover as the Boks fail to seal the ruck. Genia boxkicks long. But the play is called back for a knock-on. Scrum to the Aussies.

24 mins The Aussies kick from deep through Cooper. Du Preez fields and runs back with ball-in-hand. De Villiers bashes up the midfield and sets the ruck.

22 mins Boks win the lineout and go through the phases. The Aussies defence is well set and makes the tackles, wave after wave. Eventually the Boks knock on through Matfield.

22 mins The Aussies stole that ball illegally in the last ruck - should have been a penalty to South Africa in front of the posts.

21 mins The scrum is set: Boks win it and Spies picks and drives at the line. He doesn't make it. Burger is popped and goes, but he loses the ball and the Aussies boot it downfield. Habana fields it and slices a clearance to touch.

20 mins Brussow is down receiving treatment and has to go off. Francois Louw replaces him.

20 mins The Boks win a scrum in the Aussie 22.

19 mins The Boks kick to the corner, but it doesn't go out and Cooper must gather the ball and tries to dance out of trouble. He gets caught and concedes a lineout.


Burger is off for a blood sub, Alberts is on in his place. The Aussies win their own lineout and drive forward. But the Boks kill the ball and it's a penalty for the Aussies. Inside the 22, O'Connor will go for the points. Just to the right of goal he takes an age to ready himself, but the kick is good and sails over.
South Africa 0-8 Australia

15 mins The Boks clear their lines with a Morne Steyn boot to ball.

14 mins Burger made that crucial last-ditch tackle there. Brilliant from the blindside.

14 mins Beale cuts the Boks open with a searing run from his own half, he makes the Boks 22 and is releases Moore. The hooker is taken down short of the line - but the Aussies look well up for this encounter.


Against the run of play the Aussies open the scoring. The Boks win a lineout in their 22, Burger then loses the ball in contact, the Aussies turn over and Samo pops to Horwill for the captain to dive over from a few yards out. Easy for the Wallabies. O'Connor misses the extra from on the 22, left of goal.
South Africa 0-5 Australia.

0610 No scores in the opening eight minutes in Wellington.

0609 Sorry we are with you late this morning - the gremlins were in the system!

15 FB Kurtley Beale
14 W James O'Connor
13 C Adam Ashley-Cooper
12 C Pat McCabe
11 W Digby Ioane
10 FH Quade Cooper
9 SH Will Genia
1 P Sekope Kepu
2 H Stephen Moore
3 P Ben Alexander
4 L Dan Vickerman
5 L James Horwill
6 F Rocky Elsom
7 F David Pocock
8 N8 Radike Samo

16 Tatafu Polota-Nau
17 James Slipper
18 Nathan Sharpe
19 Ben McCalman
20 Luke Burgess
21 Berrick Barnes
22 Anthony Faingaa

South Africa
15 FB Patrick Lambie
14 W JP Pietersen
13 C Jaque Fourie
12 C Jean de Villiers
11 W Bryan Habana
10 FH Morne Steyn
9 SH Fourie du Preez
1 P Gurthro Steenkamp
2 H John Smit
3 P Jannie du Plessis
4 L Danie Rossouw
5 L Victor Matfield
6 F Heinrich Brussow
7 F Schalk Burger
8 N8 Pierre Spies

16 Bismarck du Plessis
17 CJ van der Linde
18 Willem Alberts
19 Francois Louw
20 Francois Hougaard
21 Butch James
22 Gio Aplon