Olympic sailor Annalise Murphy is the first subject of The Journey, a new project by the Irish Sports Council where they track the unseen preparations of athletes ahead of major international competition.

The project aims to give the public a flavour of the hard work that goes in behind the scenes that culminates on successful days for Irish athletes on the world sporting stage.

The Journey documents the rise and rise of Ireland’s elite athletes. See the dedication that comes with competing at the highest level... the grueling training regimes, the soaring highs, the crushing lows.

Most of us only ever see the one day when the athlete performs, here we show you what happens on the other 364 days to get them to that point. Follow their incredible journey at thejourney.ie.

Katie Taylor and Cricket Ireland are also amongst the first batch of athletes and teams featured in the project, with others such as pentathlete Natalya Coyle and swimmer Darragh McDonald coming soon.