Irish event rider Camilla Speirs is recovering well after an ugly fall aboard her horse Portersize Just a Jiff that saw her exit the Olympic Games.

Speirs had started well in the Eventing cross-country challenge, but took a heavy fall just three jumps from the end.

Screens were erected around both Speirs and Portersize, leading to fears of a major injury, but team Ireland vet Marscus Swail has confirmed that both rider and horse are recovering well and have avoided any serious damage.

"The horse sustained some bruising to his ribs and chest during the fall. He has been under observation at the Olymic Venue Veterinary Clinic during the night and this morning was comfortable," Swail said.

"He is moving to another veterinary clinic off site today for a few more days of observation just to make absolutely sure that he’s fine."

Speirs added via her twitter account @CamillaSpeirs: “My brave little [superstar] in a lot of pain but being a trooper as always. Will spend [night] wit him 2nt. so proud of him.” (Sic)

Cork rider Michael Ryan, aboard Ballylynch Adventure also suffered a fall on the opening day leaving the Irish team with just three competitors after both he and Speirs were disqualified for their falls.