Ireland's former Olympic chief Pat Hickey has stepped down from the International Olympic Committee six years after becoming embroiled in a ticket-selling scandal at the 2016 Rio Games.

Hickey was arrested by Brazilian police during the Games. He was released on bail after the Association of National Olympic Committees loaned him the money to allow him to return to Ireland.

Some of the charges against him were dropped in October 2021 due to the "extinction of punishability". The case is still to be heard relating to the remaining charges.

In 2017, Hickey stepped down from the IOC's executive board and he has maintained that he is innocent of all charges.

"In accordance with Rule 16.3.1 of the Olympic Charter, the IOC EB accepted the resignation of Mr Hickey for health reasons following the advice of his doctors," an IOC statement read.

"The IOC EB would like to thank Mr Hickey for all the services to the Olympic Movement over many years, and wishes him all the very best for his health and his private life."