Kellie Harrington is preparing for the biggest fight of her life, with an Olympic gold medal up for grabs, but standing in her way is Brazilian fighter Beatriz Ferreira.

The 28-year-old Ferreira will go into the final as the favourite and given her performances over the last five years or so, you can understand why.

The Brazilian fighter is the reigning world champion and the top ranked fighter in the lightweight division, even if Harrington was the top seed for the Olympics.

Harrington missed out on the 2019 World Championships with a hand injury and as she was the 2018 champion, this really is a clash of the best in the world and perhaps the only surprise is that it's their first ever meeting.

The daughter of former professional bantamweight Raimundo Ferreira, Beatriz grew up immersed in the sport and although she dabbled in wrestling before switching to boxing, her early bouts as an amateur quickly marked her out as a future star.

An aggressive and powerful fighter, Ferreira likes to fight on the front foot, getting up in her opponent’s face and Harrington will have to meet her on those terms.

Ferreira’s record in competition marked her out as the one to beat coming into the Olympics, as she has stood on the podium in 31 out of her last 32 competitions.

There’s been some real quality competitions in that runs, with Ferreira winning the Pan-American games three times, the Pan American Championships, the South American Games and the World Military Games.

Ferreira has breezed through her three fights in Tokyo, claiming victory in all three bouts via unanimous decision and has shown herself equally adept at breaking down defensive counter-attacking fighters as she is in overpowering anyone who wants to go toe-to-toe.

Harrington will have to mix things up, and while she’s already shown at these games that she’s able to switch styles on the fly, Ferreira is full of confidence as she goes into the final.

"Now I want the golden one, we want the highest place on the podium," the Brazilian fighter said.

"I'll fight until the end. Let's go ahead, let's get on the podium, at the top and listen to our anthem ring out.

"It will be difficult to take it away from me. I trained for this moment," Ferreira insisted.

At roughly 6:15am on Sunday morning, we’ll know if she was right.