Sailors Robert Dickson and Sean Waddilove, along with Brazil's pair, have been disqualified from Races 5 and 6 in the 49er class at Tokyo 2020 as a result of the trapeze harness worn by the crew weighing more than the required 2kg.

Earlier, Dickson and Waddilove finished second and sixth respectively in both races to leave them seventh overall with six events remaining in qualifying.

However, a protest was lodged by the international jury that the harness on the Irish duo's boat was 90g overweight.

The disqualification from the two races means the Irish duo drop from 7th to 13th overall.

The top 10 after the 12 qualification rounds will qualify for the final.

Explaining the decision around launching the protest, former professional sailor Maurice O'Connell told RTÉ Sport: "The heavier your clothing the more leverage you can exert on the sail plan and on the mast, so the faster your boat goes. There is a maximum weight you can harness of 2kg.

"They had it weighed directly after sailing by the official measurers - they soak it in water, then lift it out of the water and wait one minute for the water to drain and then they measure it. It was found to be 90g overweight."

Dickson and Waddilove had rules advisor Bill O'Hara on standby, along with the team manager and their coach to oversee the protest.

The technical commitee, however, found that the harness used by the Irish pair weighed over 2kg, at 2.09kg.