Megan Fletcher's Olympic hopes were dashed in the final seconds of her judo round of 32 bout.

In a tightly-contested 70kg bout against Austria's Michaela Polleres, Fletcher was defeated when her opponent effected a Waza-ari Ushiro-goshi with three seconds remaining.

The two were very familiar to each other after fighting less than two months ago at the world championships and it proved an intensely close encounter.

A devastated Fletcher said she did as much as she could but was just edged out by a well-matched opponent.

"It was a rematch from the bronze medal match at the last world championships six weeks ago. This time I was hoping it was going to be in my favour. It was a really close match, but unfortunately she won again," she told RTÉ Sport.

"We've had many fights on the tour and every one of them has been very close. At this level a lot of the fights are very head to head and everyone knows each other very well.

"There's nothing more I could have done, I'm in the best shape I've ever been," she added. "Unfortunately in judo it's so cutthroat, if you lose in the early rounds, that's it your done."