Seven-time Olympian Hashimoto Seiko has been appointed as the new President of the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee.

Seiko who competed in the Olympics as both a skater and a cyclist and will replace Yoshiro Mori who resigned as committee president last week after making sexist comments.

Born days before Japan hosted the 1964 summer Games, Hashimoto is named after the Olympic flame.

She took part in four Winter Olympics as a speed skater and three Summer Olympics as a cyclist.

A 56-year-old lawmaker in Japan's ruling party, she has served as the Olympics minister, doubling as minister for women's empowerment, since 2019.

However Seiko has been involved of controversies of her own and speaking after the confirmation of her appointment, she said that she deeply regretted her behavior from seven years ago, when she faced scrutiny over reports she'd made unwanted advances towards a sportsman during the Sochi Olympics.

"Both then and now, I deeply regret my behavior," Hashimoto told a news conference after being formally named to the post.