Ten-year-old skateboarder Sky Brown is in line to become one of the youngest ever Olympians at next year's Tokyo Games.

Brown, who was born in Japan to a British father and Japanese mother, is one of five British athletes identified by Skateboard GB to receive special funding for the build-up towards 2020.

If selected, Brown, who will be 12 years and 155 days old on the first day of her competition, would become the youngest British summer Olympian and second only to the figure skater Cecilia Colledge, who competed at the 1932 Winter Games in Lake Placid at the age of 11.

Brown said: "I'm really looking forward to be given the chance to qualify for the Olympic Games. Although I like skating because it's fun, it would be really cool to compete in the city where I was born."

Despite her young age, Brown is no stranger to the spotlight. She has appeared in a number of viral online videos, and competed in last year's junior Dancing With The Stars in the United States.

Brown is also regarded as a genuine prospect for Tokyo, having won a recent senior competition in Estonia, and become a regular competitor in a sport which does not have a lower age limit.

Skateboarding, which will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo will be split between two disciplines, park and street. Brown, who competes in the former, will need to be ranked in the world's top 20 at the qualification cut-off point.

James Hope-Gill, the chief executive of Skateboard GB, said: "With just eighteen months until the first Olympic skateboarding event, we're thrilled to announce the five skateboarders who we can now support on their journey to qualifying for Tokyo 2020,.

"With this squad of talented skateboarders we are confident that Team GB will qualify for the Olympic Games in 2020."

The youngest ever Olympian is believed to have been an unnamed boy who was coxswain in the gold-medal winning Dutch pairs boat at the 1900 rowing event.

In order to avoid disqualification because their original cox was too heavy, the Dutch team plucked a boy, believed to have been younger than 10 years old, from the crowd. Although he appeared in subsequent podium photographs, his identity was never confirmed. 

Brown is determined to make her mark at next year's Tokyo Olympics - not in one sport, but two, and her father Stu revealed the plan is for her to also pursue qualification in surfing.

oth sports will make their respective Olympic debuts in Tokyo, and neither have lower age limits which would preclude Brown's qualification.

Stu Brown told Press Association Sport: "Sky is trying to qualify in two sports and she fights very hard to get what she wants." 

Brown has been competing successfully on professional skateboarding and surfing tours since the age of eight.

If selected to go to Tokyo in one or both of her favoured sports, she would become the youngest British summer Olympian.

"I would love to [qualify in two sports]. I'm just going to go out there and try my best. I feel like skateboard is my happy place. I just love it - it makes me feel happy and like I can do anything, and I love surfing too."