IABA Chief Executive Fergal Carruth reiterated his view that Billy Walsh wasn’t missed at the Rio Olympics following Ireland's failure to win any boxing medals at these Games.

Walsh vacated his position as High Performance Director with the Irish team and went on to lead the USA team in Rio.

His former position has yet to be filled permanently, although Carruth doesn't believe Walsh's absence affected the overall Irish performance.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport, Carruth said: “The people involved in boxing will understand that the sport is so much bigger than one person.”

“It is important to say the Billy has been fantastic for Irish boxing and he has a fantastic record with the association in the High Performance Unit.

“But the people who are in this sport, who are immersed as part of the Olympic team, have absolutely said that Billy not being there was in no way detrimental to their efforts.”

The Irish boxers' involvement in Rio got off to a woeful beginning when Michael O’Reilly was sent home after a failed drugs test.

That disappointment was compounded by the failure of the team to win any medals, with the decision-making of the judges - most notably in Michael Conlan’s defeat by Russian Vladimir Nikitin by unanimous decision - also called into question.

Carruth also said that last night the AIBA had requested that the world body, the IABA, review their judging and that they were since informed that the judges and officials involved Conlan's fight had been stood down.

However, that has been denied by RTÉ Sport’s Hugh Cahill from Rio, who tweeted that “the Judges in Conlon fight are still here and officiating”.

O’Reilly’s involvement in Irish training camps has also been called into question since, with conflicting reports regarding the amount of time he spent with the team.

However, Carruth was adamant that O’Reilly spent far more time in camp than what coach John Conlan claimed.

Conlan said he'd not seen O’Reilly for “more than eight weeks”, but Carruth dismissed this, insisting: ”He was there for 24 days in June, he was also in Rio for 26, so if that’s the case he was there for 46 days out of 60.”

Carruth also expressed his shock at how the news of O'Reilly's failed test was leaked to the press.