Irish bantamweight boxer Michael Conlan has vowed to never again fight for the Amateur International Boxing Association after he was robbed of an Olympic quarter-final win.

Conlan was left fuming after his Olympic dream was snatched away by the judging in his quarter-final bout with Russia’s Vladamir Nitikin.

The Irish fighter was in control throughout and seemed to boss his opponent, but the writing was on the wall at the end of the first round when, after dominating the Russian, all three judges awarded the round the Nitikin.

Conlan left the judges with no option but to give him the second round, such was his control, but the fight was gifted to the Russian at the end of the third round when all three judges went for Nitikin.

There had already been speculation about Conlan leaving the amateur game behind to turn professional after these Olympics and today’s results looks to have only strengthened his resolved.

“AIBA are cheats,” he told RTÉ Sport. “That’s me, I’ll never box for AIBA again, they’re cheating b******s. They’re paying everybody.

"I was here to win Olympic gold my dream’s been shattered now," Conlan told RTÉ Sport.

"But you know what, I’ve a big career ahead of me and these ones, they’re known for being cheats and they’ll always be cheats.

"Amateur boxing stinks from the core to the top."

Team Ireland High Performance Coach Eddie Bolger echoed Conlan’s statements and pointed towards rumours of boxers already being earmarked for medals before the start of the tournament.

Reflecting on the fight and the dubious judging, Bolger told RTÉ Sport: "We could see it from the first round. I thought it was a boxing lesson from the first round, boxing and moving, that was the game-plan.

"It had to change after the first round. Michael had to go to war, he had to bully the guy and really take it out of the judges hands, but I thought there was only one winner.”

Speaking towards some of the highly questionable judging and refereeing in the tournament, Bolger added: "Something’s afoot and I think the media should highlight it more than us, we can’t really speak.

"There are rumours around the village that names are on the medals already, but you don’t want to believe that.

"It’s never easy to take but it’s a little easier when you can’t control it. You didn’t under-perform, you didn’t go out there and not box to your best. I think he won the three rounds."