Pat Hickey spoke with RTÉ's Philip Bromwell about the alleged ticket touting in Rio, boxer Michael O'Reilly's early Rio exit and his hopes that Irish athletes can still make these Games memorable for the right reasons. 

Thew news that two people arrested in Brazil on charges of fraudulently selling tickets to the Rio Olympics were allegedly in possession of OCI allocated tickets coincided with boxer Michael O'Reilly's admission that he unintentionally took a supplement that may have contained a prohibited substance.

The negative vibes have hung over Team Ireland like a dark cloud, but  President of the Olympic Council of Ireland Hickey said he's confident the OCI will come out of the ticketing scandal with a clean bill of health, and talked up the positive mood in the Team Ireland camp as they chase medals.

"The atmosphere in the village is superb," he said. "They are very happy with everything, the chef de mission is doing a good job. All the support is there for them." 

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