The Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) is waiting to hear from Michael O’Reilly as the boxer decides how to proceed after an alleged failed drug test on the eve of the Rio Games.

OCI President Pat Hickey outlined the process to RTÉ Sport.

“What will happen now is that he’ll either have the hearing or he’ll open the B sample and then...if his appeal is successful, he competes. If it’s not, he cannot compete,” he said.

“If he opens the B sample and it’s the same as the A sample, he cannot compete, and under Olympic rules and WADA rules he will have to leave the Olympic Village if he’s not successful.

“We will know later on today which option he’s going to take when he gets his legal advice etc., and then everyone will ensure to move fast.

"We have spoken with [Sport Ireland] and everyone will move very fast because we want to get it out of the way."

“We were notified yesterday morning by Sport Ireland [of the alleged failed test] and so were the boxing federation so now the process is in play."

Asked what role his organisation will play, Hickey said: "We’re the ones that have to make the decision when he has to leave the Village and that’s why we have to wait for the process to finalise itself because he has to get natural justice.

"Everyone has the right to that. So we’ll be urging speed in all of this so it doesn’t disrupt the other members of the team."