Scotland will have their own Olympic team by Rio 2016 if the people vote for independence next year, according to the country's sports minister, Shona Robison.

Scots will vote on whether they want to be an independent country in a referendum on 18 September next year.

And Scottish National Party MSP Robison feels there would be enough time to instigate change ahead of the Brazil Games.

Robison told BBC Sport: "We're comfortable and assured Scotland will have its own Olympic and Paralympic team. It will bring many benefits."

Robison stated that Scotland already meets criteria relating to its own sporting structure and the number of affiliated national Olympic sports federations, with the only obstacle to overcome being an "independent state recognised by the international community".

The Scottish Government last week announced a new £30million National Performance Centre would be built near Edinburgh, at the Heriot Watt University campus.

The project, which is being funded with £25million of public money, is scheduled to be up and running in 2016.