Ireland’s John Joe Nevin was heartbroken but magnanimous in defeat following his loss to Britain’s Luke Campbell by 14-11 in the bantamweight final at the ExCel Arena yesterday.

RTÉ’s Marty Morrissey talked to the Mullingar man immediately after the fight and Nevin said: “I’d have taken a bronze medal coming here but when I got so far I wanted to go the whole way.

“I feel I’m a failure because I didn’t and because I’d beaten him well before, and we’ve a bit of background there between us. I’m devastated to lose."

"I’m heartbroken, I wanted the gold. I wanted to join the club with Katie Taylor and Michael Carruth" - John Joe Nevin

He continued: “If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.”

Nevin then paid tribute to his opponent saying. “Luke is a tremendous boxer, a tremendous boxer. He was at the final of the world championships and now he’s after taking the Olympics so I can take nothing away from him.

“He’s very tall and rangey but I don’t think I performed to my best on the day but I’m happy still with a silver medal.”

Marty then echoed what all Irish fans must have been thinking, saying: “Well can I correct you on one thing John Joe Nevin – you’re far from a failure, you’re an Olympic silver medallist and all of us in Ireland are very proud of you.”