Irish sailor Peter O'Leary, who is at the centre of an Olympic betting scandal, enjoyed a fabulous first day in the Star class when the competition got underway in Weymouth.

O’Leary and crew-mate David Burrows were second in the afternoon's first race behind the French Star crew and recorded a sixth position in the second race.

On points, this put the Irish crew in second position behind Brazilian sailing legend Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada.

O'Leary's Irish National Olympic Committee could expel him from the Games, if they find him guilty of breaking any of their rules regarding gambling.

O'Leary, his face largely obsured by a black-hooded top and dark glasses was whisked past waiting reporters in the mixed zone at the Olympic sailing venue.

However, James O'Callaghan the Irish sailing team's performance director told reporters shortly afterwards: "The issue is sub-judice so we have no comment to make."

Burrows declined to comment on the allegation, which came to light on earlier this week when the International Olympics Committee (IOC) said an unnamed Irish athlete was being investigated by his national committee.

Burrows was, however, willing to talk about the duo's performance on the water: "It was tricky out there today. It was hard to get the strategy right," Burrows said, adding he was "glad to have the first day over".

Racing continues tomorrow for the Star class. The medal race will be held on 5 August.

Ryan Seaton & Matt McGovern in the 49er, James Espey in the Laser, and Annalise Murphy in the Laser Radial class start their campaigns on Monday.