Canada’s synchronised swimming team has announced its technical routine theme for the Olympics is soccer.

On 9 August, the Canadians will take to the water and bring elements of the beautiful game to the Olympic water sport. This theme came after the swimmers took a trip to a Major League Soccer game.

The theme will also be reflected in the swimsuits worn and the music played, which will be soccer centred.

"Normally, many countries use darkness in their music," Canadian coach Julie Sauvé said.

"You know? It’s dramatic, big drama all the time. I don’t like this kind of style. Maybe judges like it, right?

"But to me, it’s a lot of drama. And us, we’ll be more happiness. We’ll have fun."

The Canadian team qualified for London at the Pan American Games in Mexico last year, when it won gold with an 11-point cushion over the United States, in second.

Canada also turned heads in the duet event, where the team’s performances were complimented by Metallica music.