London 2012's problem-hit Olympic and Paralympic ticket resale site will not reopen until next week, organisers have confirmed.

It is a full week since the website was suspended due to the system being unable to cope with the computer traffic, since when agents Ticketmaster have been trying to find a solution.

London 2012 have said that solution has now been found and the site should reopen next week, though organisers would not give a specific day when that will happen or details of the solution.

A spokeswoman said: "LOCOG confirms that a solution has been found to enable the ticket resale platform to reopen next week."

The resale site was aimed at people selling unwanted tickets with others able to buy them on a first-come, first-served basis.

But most attempts to buy tickets that were apparently available failed and hours later, the website showed the same tickets still apparently available - but still unable to be bought.

London 2012 said this was due to tens of thousands of people trying to buy the tickets and a delay in those tickets being removed from the system once they had been purchased.

The resale window had been due to be open until February 3, and a further 1 million 'contingency' tickets are due to go on sale in May. London 2012 have yet to confirm whether the resale window will be extended.

Ticket issues have proved the biggest headache for organisers. Around 1.2 million people, or two thirds of applicants, ended up empty-handed after the first round of ticket sales.

Earlier this month London 2012 admitted that thousands of people had been offered tickets to alternative events at the Olympics after an error led to 10,000 too many tickets being sold for synchronised swimming sessions.