Britain's Paula Radcliffe would have liked a few more weeks to prepare for the Beijing marathon after injuring her leg, but she said that she was feeling 'strong' and hungry for her first Olympic medal.

'Obviously I could do with a few more weeks' training,' she said.

'But I am here and I think the fact that I'm here, and I'm strong -- very strong actually -- will be an advantage for me in the race too.'

Radcliffe, who holds the world record for women's marathon, says she is in better shape than she was for the 2004 Games in Athens, when she pulled out of the race suffering from pain and exhaustion.

This time she is prepared for the summer heat of Beijing, using an ice-filled PreCool vest in training and just ahead of the race to lower her core body temperature and save energy.

'So it's just about going in and running the best race I can do ... control yourself and hopefully cope well with the conditions which are going to make it a very tough race,' she said.