IOC President Jacque Rogge has given top marks to Athens for organising a superb games.

"I am an extremely happy President of the IOC (International Olympic Committee)," Rogge told reporters on the day the Games wrap up. "They really did a fantastic job. I am very, very happy about the Games."

Reviewing every aspect of the Games, he was quick to award a gold medal for the best ever athletes' village and said sporting federations were delighted with the Greek organisers.

Organisers completed the Games venues amid widespread international concern only weeks before the Olympics opened on August 13, but have since won praise for their work.

"I always said there was enough time to get ready. The organisation of ATHOC was outstanding and we had competitions in state-of-the-art venues," Rogge said.

Praising television coverage of the Games, Rogge said television producers were ecstatic about ratings which were up some 15 per cent on the Sydney Games.

He said the Games' record €1.0-billion security plan had worked very well.

"Security has been flawless," he said of the safety operation for the first summer Games since the September 11 2001 attacks on U.S. cities and the war in Iraq.

Rogge said ticket sales had topped the figures from Seoul and Barcelona, a major achievement for a country of just 10 million people. Despite initial low attendance figures, Rogge said ticket sales "were really outstanding".

Filed by James McMahon