Matthew Pinsent's bid for a fourth Olympic gold medal could come unstuck if Britain's men's four are too gung-ho in their battle with world champions Canada tomorrow.

Pinsent, James Cracknell, Steve Williams and Ed Coode will lock horns with Canadian quartet Cameron Baerg, Thomas Herschmiller, Jake Wetzel and Barney Williams at the Schinias Olympic Rowing Centre.

British coach Jurgen Grobler insists Pinsent & Co must get their tactics right.

He said: "I still see it as a race between us and the Canadians but we must be careful not to overdo it. The opposition might also come through if we fight it out too much at the front, so we must be well-paced. Obviously anyone who has their nose in front has an advantage in the early stages. It will be a fast race, very fast. So it will be down to mental toughness and to who can make that one stroke more to break the race. It will be a question of who will be tougher and harder on themselves."

Filed by Mark O'Neill-Cummins