British skier Alain Baxter was told today by the International Olympic Committee that it's highly unlikely his innocence will be proven at the hearing for his positive drug test. Baxter will now come before the IOC's medical panel this week knowing it will be virtually impossible to prove he did not take any banned substances.

The Scot won bronze in the men's slalom at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City but later tested positive for methamphetamine. Claims have been made that the positive test may have arisen due to Baxter's use of a nasal spray or inhaler, but the IOC's Professor Arne Ljundqvist says there is little chance of Baxter being able to prove it.

"Once you test positive for banned substances, you're in a very difficult position to clear yourself. It's very rare they actually tell us the full story or admit they have taken this or that. Some come up with various types of stories and I would say it's extremely unlikely a person can prove they haven't taken anything," Ljunddqvist told BBC Radio 5 Live's SportsWeek programme.

Baxter's defence is being prepared by the British Olympic Association.

Filed by Tom Grealis