Lewis Hamilton could head into the British Grand Prix forbidden from racing his championship rival Nico Rosberg, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has warned.

Mercedes will determine in the coming days whether to introduce team orders after Hamilton and Rosberg crashed on the last lap of Sunday's Austrian Grand Prix.

The dramatic coming together - the third time the pair have collided in five races - paved the way for Hamilton to seal his third victory of the season and move to within 11 points of Rosberg in the championship ahead of his home race on Sunday.

But a furious Wolff, who thumped the table positioned in front of him while watching the last-lap action unfold from the Mercedes garage, has suggested that team orders may now be imposed.

"The only consequence is to look at all the options and one option is to freeze the order at the certain stage of the race," Wolff said.

"It's unpopular, and it makes me puke myself because I like to see them race, but if the racing is not possible without contact that's the consequence. I have to cool down and in the next couple of days figure it out."

Hamilton and Rosberg have been allowed to go toe-to-toe by their Mercedes team since 2014. But with the latest incident coming soon after they crashed out in Spain and banged wheels at the Canadian Grand Prix, Mercedes have been forced into a rethink.

"Our mindset has always been to let them race, and let them get on with it," added Wolff. "All of us remember the days of strategy calls and they make it boring.

"But collision of team-mates is a no-go for every team so at a certain stage you need to step in and discuss it."

Wolff, technical boss Paddy Lowe and other members of the Mercedes top table know that a decision to stop Hamilton and Rosberg from racing on track would prove an unpopular decision, particularly with a record crowd of nearly 140,000 fans expected at Silverstone on Sunday.

Hamilton said: "I want to race. I grew up wanting to race the best and be the best by out-driving another individual.

"I think they showed a replay of Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello from a few years ago and I was disappointed as a fan. We never want to see team orders like that happen.

"Toto has been great these last few years allowing us to race and that's what racing is about."