Bernie Ecclestone expects Max Mosley to be true to his word and stand down as FIA president, insisting he is ‘an honourable person’.

Mosley announced more than two weeks ago he would not run for a fifth term in office in the wake of agreeing a peace deal with Formula One supremo Ecclestone and Formula One Teams' Association chairman Luca di Montezemolo.

However, enraged by comments from di Montezemolo that followed the agreement, the 69-year-old then indicated he would keep his options open.

That has thrown the future of the sport into doubt as the suggestion is the eight teams representing FOTA will not sign a new Concorde Agreement - the confidential document that governs the commercial side of the sport - unless Mosley guarantees he will not stand again.

But, speaking to The Times, Ecclestone said: ‘I have no doubt in my mind, as long as I've known Max, he's always done what he said he would do.

‘He's an honourable person. I've always said Max can have a cheque signed by me, without any name or amount on it, because he's a trustworthy guy.

‘So I have no doubt he will honour all the things he's ever said he will do.’

There is doubt, though, given Mosley's last remark after di Montezemolo described him as ‘a dictator’.

Ecclestone added: ‘He said his options are open, but he didn't say what they were going to be, did he?

‘He was a bit upset after agreements had been made to be quiet and not throw stones at each other, and then remarks were made which upset him.’