Reigning All-Ireland Camogie champions Tipperary will be hoping they can repeat the success of the county's senior hurlers when they take on Kilkenny in this weekend's All-Ireland Final at Croke Park. The county is still celebrating last Sunday's great victory over Galway and the camoige team is hopeful they can give their supporters more to cheer about this Sunday.

"The senior hurling win is a great boost for the county," said Tipperary's star player Ciara Gaynor. "I think when you win something there is an ambition to win more. It is more ambition than greed but it’s great to have the Liam McCarthy trophy back in Tipperary and hopefully we’ll have another one next Sunday."

Tipperary have already beaten their opponents Kilkenny earlier in the championship but because of the back-door system, the Cats have been given a second chance and should provide Tipperary with a strong challenge on Sunday. "Kilkenny deserve a second chance, they are a great team. They’ve showed how good they are by reaching the All-Ireland final. They might have gone about it the hard way but that’ll stand to them, having an extra match or so," explained Gaynor.

"But Kilkenny are going to be a fierce challenge for us on Sunday. We played them early on in the championship but they’ve improved greatly since then so they’ll be tough," she added.

Tipperary endured a tough semi-final clash with old rivals Cork, needing to take it to a replay before they progressed but Gaynor thinks this will be a help rather than a hindrance. "The extra game does stand to you because you can learn from your mistakes and see the mistakes that you made and try not to make those mistakes again I suppose," she pointed out.

"The extra game against Cork did help us but having said that we would have preferred to have put them away the first day instead of the way we did it. I don’t think we started hurling until the last five or ten minutes against Cork on both days and that won’t do against Kilkenny. We have to hurl from the start against them," she said.

Filed by Amanda Fennelly