Former Limerick and Offaly hurling manager Eamon Cregan has lashed out at modern hurling claiming that core skills are being lost.

He said: “You know this 'hurling scrum' that I call it, I think that's obnoxious. I hate it. There’s a ball there and everybody wants to go down and rise the ball and put it in their hand and burst their way out.

"Some of the best goals last year were scored off the ground and people were looking in awe at it but they were part and parcel of our game.

"Hooking, blocking...the batting seems to have gone out of it as well. To me, it’s tremendously exciting but the thing I worry about is the amount of points that are scored : 22, 23, 24, 25 points. That, to me, means there is somebody not doing their job. The game has certainly changed.

“The speed of the game has increased enormously, so therefore there is no space. We have lost some of the skills like ground hurling," added the Mary Immaculate College coach.