The GAA has today put forward a number of proposals in relation to the Senior Hurling Championship and Allianz Hurling League from 2014 and beyond.

The CCCC, having consulted with other relevant national sub-committees, has put forward a series of proposals for the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship.

Should Ard Chomhairle accept these proposals it will be put to Congress 2013 by way of motion in the name of Ard Chomhairle.

The next meeting of Ard Chomhairle is scheduled to take place on Saturday 15 December.

Three separate proposals have been put forward in relation to the 2014 Allianz Hurling League, of which Ard Chomhairle will be asked to choose one.

Proposed changes to the Senior Hurling Championship

The proposed changes to the Championship are many and begin with a suggested 15-team Liam MacCarthy Cup in 2014, reduced to 13 in 2016.

Five teams will contest the Munster Championship, as per the current format, those five teams are Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, Clare and Limerick.

Five teams are guaranteed a place in the Leinster Championships proper each year: Kilkenny, Galway, Dublin, Wexford and Offaly.

There is to be additional qualification for the Leinster quarter-finals from a preliminary section or qualifying group for what can be termed the developing counties: initially Laois, Antrim, Westmeath, Carlow and London.

There will be automatic relegation to the Christy Ring Cup in 2014 and 2015, only for the bottom team in the MacCarthy Cup.

Only teams from the qualifying group for developing counties can be relegated. A review of these teams is to take place every three years.

There will be an opportunity for promotion to the MacCarthy Cup from the Ring Cup each year, but based on the principle or merit of win your way up.

There will be a phased realigning of counties through Ring and Rackard Cups and a four-team Meagher Cup for the 2016 Championship.

There will be an opportunity for promotion from Rackard and Meagher Cups also based on merit and the principle of win your way up.

Proposed changes to the Allianz Hurling League

There are three separate proposals for the Allianz Hurling League, which each plan to restructure the league in different manners. A full breakdown of all three proposals can be viewed here.

The first proposal suggests breaking the league into six-team groups, followed by quarter-finals in the top division. This scheme also suggests promotion relegation play-offs.

The second proposal suggests six-teams groups followed by promotion/relegation play-offs, as well as semi-finals before a title decider.

The third proposal suggests eight-team leagues for the first three divisions, with a six-team and a four-team league for the divisions below that. The proposal also suggests top division semi-finals and final.