Graeme McDowell has said it is tough to separate Darren Clarke and Paul McGinley in the decision for European captain for the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

A decision will be made on the leader of the European team in January, with the two Irish players heading the race to mastermind what would be a third successive win.

McDowell told RTÉ: "Darren is certainly going to be a Ryder Cup captain at some point. Paul McGinley has really positioned himself with a great opportunity as well.

"Either of those two guys would be amazing captains at Gleneagles and it will be an interesting one to see who wins that race.

"Like I say, they’ll both be amazing captains and both will get my vote. It is a pretty tough one to separate.”

McDowell was part of victorious team in Medina that completed a remarkable comeback to defend the trophy against a shell-shocked US team this year.

"With Tom Watson being announced as the incoming captain for America, I guess it shows what it means to them and what the Ryder Cup is beginning to feel to America" - Graeme McDowell

Tom Watson has been appointed captain for the visiting Americans in 2014 and McDowell believes it is a sign of their intentions coming to Scotland.

"In 2010 at Celtic Manor, it was really special to be that guy who got the job done for the team. The Ryder Cup is such an amazing feeling because you share it with everyone. You share it with 11 team-mates and everyone involved.

"Personally I didn’t have the best weekend ever but it was amazing to stand on the sidelines and watch my team get the job done.

"The celebrations were pretty amazing and it was great for the Ryder Cup in general. With Tom Watson being announced as the incoming captain for America, I guess it shows what it means to them and what the Ryder Cup is beginning to feel to America.

"Hopefully we can follow it up with a great captain ourselves and bring on 2014."

McDowell finished his season with a much-craved win in the World Golf Challenge in California and feels that his form over the year, and the victory at the conclusion of the season, will leave his game in good shape for a return in February.

He said: "I’m not playing again until the middle of February so I’m enjoying a nice break. I’ll be working pretty hard in January trying to get the game in shape and I look forward to a big season hopefully next year.

"The Ryder Cup was pretty amazing to be part of. It was the greatest comeback in Ryder Cup history. It was certainly the highlight of my year. There is no doubt about. Personally, the major championships were amazing and I was very happy with the consistent play this year.

"It was nice to finish off with a win as well so I’ll take some momentum and confidence in the off-season and I’ll be coming out ready to go in February and ready for a big year.

"The year was in danger of kind of finishing a bit frustrating if you like because I knew how well I played this season and I didn’t have much to show for it. It was nice to get the win under the belt. I’ll rest up and recharge and get ready for a big year to hopefully keep this amazing run of Irish golf going. It is fun to be part of."

McDowell was speaking in Crumlin Hospital as he made a donation of $200,000 to their cardiac ward as part of the G-Mac Foundation, the initative he set up to support children's medical research.

He explained why the care and work by the hospital meant they were the ideal recipient from his foundation

"I had a chance to come and visit the Cardiac Unit here in Crumlin Hospital a couple of years back. I was amazed at the work here. Open heart surgery on new born babies is just pretty difficult to fathom really.

"I saw the facilities, or lack thereof here at the hospital and how desperately they needed funding for the new cardiac ward. I launched my G-Mac Foundation to try to raise funds for projects like this one.

"When I got together with the Childrens Medical Research Foundation, I wanted do something that was cross-border.

"When I found out that this was the main cardiac unit for the whole of Ireland, it was the perfect fit.

"I’ve really enjoyed working alongside them and raising funds and we’ve done well so far. But there is a long way to go and I’m looking forward to helping them out next year."