Padraig Harrington will do it his way when he leads Europe into Ryder Cup battle in 2020, and said he's absolutely prepared to make the big calls required to retain the trophy on US soil.

The Dubliner was named captain earlier in the week and has the daunting task of defending the title at at Whistling Straits.

Only four men have led Europe to victory in America, but Harrington is confident he has the steel to thrive in what's certain to be a raucous and intimidating atmosphere.

"When I'm given a position and I've a job to do, I will do the job," he said on The Late Late Show.

"I have no problem with that. I'll pick the guys who'll make my team better. 

"On the days of the matches I'll do what's absolutely right for the team. I have no problem making hard decisions, none whatsoever.

"My wife will say I procrastinate on everything else, but... when I'm the captain of the ship I'll make that decision."

Harrington also reiterated his firm belief that Rory McIlroy will be in his corner in a year and a half's time.

McIlroy's decision to cut back on European Tour commitments has thrown his eligibility into question, but Harrington has no such worries.

"I’ve seen him at the Ryder Cup," he said. "Nothing gives back to Rory McIlroy like the Ryder Cup. He adores it. He loves the adulation he gets from the crowd, he loves the respect he gets in the team room.

"He’s a leader in the team room. He’s only 30 years of age and he’s a leader in the team room. Guys look up to him and again, as individuals, we don’t get that. 

"And he likes teams; he’s a big fan of rugby, he would’ve loved to have been a rugby player himself, he would’ve loved to have been in the team environment and this is his one opportunity where he really gets that.

"His actions are very much for the Ryder Cup."