Padraig Harrington will focus on improving his putting ahead of the start of the US Masters at Augusta on Thursday.

The Dubliner, who finished eighth in last year’s event, comes into the 2013 edition with two top 10 placings in his last two tournaments.

Speaking at the course where he is preparing for Thursday’s opening round, Harrington told RTÉ Sport that he is looking forward to getting his challenge underway.

He said: "I feel good. It is always nice to be at a major. The key is to get around things on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday so that you feel ready when you tee up on Thursday.

"I was playing very well last year, all through the year. My wedge play was great. A lot of the stuff you want, my tee to green stuff was excellent. I was not chipping as well and I was struggling on the greens.

"This year I’m not playing as well tee to green, my wedge play is poor, but I’m chipping a bit better. While I’m not that happy with my putting, it is better than it was last year.

"My putting is up and down. I’ve had a couple of magnificent weeks this year and a couple of really, really poor weeks. I do need to get my head around that this week.

"That is crucial. It’s probably the biggest point for me over the next two days, to get my head in the right place when it comes to the putting. The rest of the game will look after itself for sure if I can putt well."

Last year’s eighth place was Harrington’s best result in the tournament since 2008, but he does not rate that performance as confidence-building for the rest of this week.

“I wouldn’t put myself out that one tournament like that, in any shape or form, makes a difference.

"I know I have a chance of winning majors because I have won three of them already. I’m very comfortable with the fact that I know how to do it and it’s just biding my time and waiting for my turn to come around again.

“Losing last year didn’t inspire me in any shape or form. I was disappointed to miss as many putts as I did through that day.

"I have to putt better, that’s just it and get a better attitude. Hopefully I find it this week. “As I said, I’m not coming in here, having found it, buzzing about my putting. There is still a lot to be done.

"There are only three guys playing the game at the moment who have won more" - Padraig Harrington

The 41-year-old believes the experience of winning three majors will be much more telling and once again stated it takes some pressure off his outcome over the next number of days.

"It is easier at majors full stop. There are only three guys playing the game at the moment who have won more. That means the rest of the field are chasing me this week.

“I’ve already done it so I’m under no stress. There is a lot of guys out there who are great players and fine players who would love to win three majors.

"Who knows what it’ll end up as but it’s easier when it comes to a major because I’ve already done it.

"I’ve achieved enough majors that far surpassed what I would have expected or dreamed of when I was a kid and have the possibility to win more which is a fantastic place to be and the envy of most players."