Rory McIlroy has revealed he may not play at all in the 2016 Olympics due to the pressure of having to choose between Britain and Ireland.

The world number one is eligible to play for both Britain and Ireland in Rio de Janeiro but says he may not play at all for fear of offending anyone.

Speaking to the BBC, the 23-year-old said: "I just think being from where we're from, we're placed in a very difficult position.

"I feel Northern Irish and obviously being from Northern Ireland you have a connection to Ireland and a connection to the UK. If I could and there was a Northern Irish team I'd play for Northern Ireland.

"Play for one side or the other - or not play at all because I may upset too many people… Those are my three options I'm considering very carefully."

McIlroy went on to admit his regret at the attention a newspaper report, which claimed he would prefer to play for Britain, brought to the situation last year.