Cork manager Jimmy Barry-Murphy, although happy with the effort of his players first time out against Clare, is hoping for a big improvement in performance in the All-Ireland final replay on Saturday.

The counties served up a dramatic draw last time out, with Clare grabbing a last-gasp point to equalise, despite dominating the match for the most part.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport, Barry-Murphy said: “We’d probably be disappointed overall with the way we played as a team.

"I would think on the day Clare performed better than us probably and the goals kept us in contention at a vital stage when we needed them.

“But also to balance that, great credit is due to our players because they showed great spirit when things weren’t going our way, but overall I’d say we’ll need to improve a lot to have a chance of beating Clare the next day, but I’m hopeful we can do that.”

He went on: “The spirit of the team showed, because you know yourself, All-Ireland finals are funny – some days they take on a life of their own, different things happen... you’ve got to counter certain issues that arise.

"And it’s fair to say that if we hadn’t got the goals we wouldn't be sitting here talking today.

"If we hadn’t got the goals we wouldn't be sitting here talking today" - Jimmy Barry-Murphy

“So for the point of view of our team spirit I thought the lads showed great courage when the opportunity arose to go for goals and to keep us in with a chance of beating Clare, who were outstanding on the day I thought.”

The Cork team suffered a lack of fluency in the drawn final and Barry-Murphy admitted it was something that had been looked at in the days since: "it’s something we’ve to address as a team.

“The backroom team are looking at many aspects of our display, both in our preparation and our execution on the day, which we’d like to have been better obviously, and I’m hopeful we can identify certain areas that we’ll need to improve on to have any chance.”

Asked if he thought they’d won it when Patrick Horgan sent over the lead point in injury time, the Cork manager was honest: “Ya it was against the odds certainly and just for a brief few seconds maybe I allowed myself to think that we had it.

“I suppose I’m long enough around now to know that the game is never over until the referee blows that final whistle.

"And in fairness to Clare they took their opportunity brilliantly. It was a great score to equalise and fair play to the lad who got it (Domhnall O'Donovan).”

He added: “Luck was on our side for most of the game and we got the lead point just at the right time, but I’d have to be honest and say that over the course of the game it was a fair result.

"Clare played better than us I think in general but we hung in there and got the goals so I think on balance it was a fair result.”

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