Limerick boss John Allen has voiced his disapproval at the current structure of the hurling league, complaining that there are too few teams in the top flight.

Limerick face Dublin in the Division 1B final on Saturday, with the losers remaining in Division 1B for another season, and Allen believes this marginalises some teams.

Allen told the Limerick Leader: “The way that the league is structured is all wrong - there should be a bigger league with more teams. We are just marginalising teams.

“We have proved that we are as good as everyone else so I presume it will be a championship-like game,” said Allen of Saturday’s match.

“It’s very important - you don’t underestimate how valuable it is to be playing against the better teams. Limerick have shown over the last three years that they are as good as all other teams but its unfortunate the way the league is structured.”

Allen also confirmed that Tom defender Condon will return for the Dublin showdown: “Other than Donal O’Grady there is no one else that we are worried about.

"Tom Condon should be ok - he has an elbow injury and we didn’t risk him against Wexford.”

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