Glen 1-18 Scotstown 0-12

Glen will meet Down champions Kilcoo in the Ulster Senior Club Championship semi-final after a fully deserved victory over a Scotstown side that finished Sunday's quarter-final in Celtic Park with 13 men.

The second half dismissals of Kieran and Darren Hughes curtailed any Scotstown fightback but they were already chasing a game that was getting away from them as Glen further enhanced their growing reputation with a display that belied a first Ulster campaign.

Jack Doherty was superb among some excellent performances with Danny Tallon's late, late goal capping a fully deserved victory and perhaps giving the scoreboard a somewhat flattering look after a full-blooded encounter.

Billed as the game of the weekend, the first half produced a fascinating tactical battle in which the Derry club enjoyed the upper hand.

Glen sat deep out of possession and waited to spring a pacy counter attack when any turnovers were won. It worked well and negated the often marauding Rory Beggan who saw plenty of ball in the Glen half but was unable to provide the extra man spectators up and down the country are used to seeing from the Monaghan No. 1.

The kick-outs too were going in Glen's favour, the Watty Graham's winning their own ball with relative ease while forcing Beggan to kick long where the likes of Glass and Emmet Bradley were breaking ball down and robbing Scotstown of the ability to get decent possession in behind the Glen defensive lines.

There was less than two minutes on the clock when Glen found themselves 0-02 to 0-00 up and the early success breathed confidence into the Watty's performance.

Conor McCarthy halved the lead with Scotstown's opener on three minutes but the Monaghan men were too often let down by some poor shot selection in the first half.

Glen, by contrast, were more efficient and while Emmet Bradley and Shane Carey swapped score for 0-03 to 0-02, the Derry champions were already looking like they had the foothold they wanted as point from Conleth McGuckian and Jack Doherty stretched the advantage to three points by the 10th minutes.

A Beggan free kept Scotstown in touch but at 0-06 to 0-04, Glen stepped on the accelerator with four unanswered points from Paul Gunning (2f), Conor Glass and Emmet Bradley (free) to establish a six points lead by the 26th minute.

It was a measure of Glen's control that Scotstown's first successful long kick-out arrived on 28 minutes and it led directly to Darren Hughes being fouled and Shane Carey tapping over the free.

When Kieran Hughes tagged on another Scotstown point, Glen's lead was back to four but their response, a brilliant Ciaran McFaul solo effort, illustrated the confidence running through the Derry side as they turned around with a richly deserved 0-11 to 0-06 half-time lead.

The Hughes red card lit the blue touch paper for a fiery second half with Beggan's ability to join in the outfield play meaning Scotstown never felt a numerical disadvantage when in possession.

Indeed, Hughes' dismissal led to Scotstown's most productive period of the match as they turned 0-12 to 0-06 into 0-14 to 0-10 by the second half water break with points from Damien McArdle (2), Carey and a wonderful effort from Matthew Maguire.

That was matched by an even better score from Glen captain Conor Carville which steadied the Watty Graham's ship once more and when Conor Convery extended the lead to 0-16 to 0-11, Glen had one foot in the semi-final.

Scotstown needed a goal and almost got it in the final minute when Matthew Maguire's first time effort flashed the wrong side of Glen's post after a high ball had been broken down./

It was as close as Scotstown got amid an acrimonious finale that saw a second Scotstown red card, this time for Darren Hughes and a late Danny Tallon goal with almost the last kick. It mattered little. Glen deserved it and a mouth watering semi-final against Down champions Kilcoo now awaits

Glen: Conlann Bradley, Michael Warnock, Ryan Dougan, Conor Carville (0-01), Tiarnan Flannagan, Ciaran McFaul (0-01), Ethan Doherty, Conor Glass (0-01), Emmett Bradley (0-03, 2f), Conor McDevitt (0-01), Jack Doherty (0-01), Conor Convery (0-01), Paul Gunning (0-03, 2f), Danny Tallon (1-03, 2f), Conleth McGuckian (0-01).

Subs: Eunan Mulholland for C Convery (52) Alex Doherty (0-01) for P Gunning (61) Stevie O'Hara for J Doherty (63)

Scotstown: Rory Beggan (0-1, 1f), Michael Meehan, Ross McKenna, Damian McArdle (0-02), Jack McDevitt, Ryan O'Toole, Paul Sherlock, Micheal McCarville, Kieran Hughes (0-02), Francis Maguire, Conor McCarthy (0-02), Matthew Maguire (0-01), Shane Carey (0-04, 2f), Darren Hughes, Donal Morgan.

Subs: Gavin McPhillips for M McCarville (25) Jason Carey for F Maguire (40) Seanie Mohan for R McKenna, (46) James Hamill for J McDevitt (52)

Referee: Joe McQuillan (Cavan)