On Wednesday, 11 March, the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus as a "pandemic".

Life, as we then knew it, was about to change. The following day, all competitive sport in Ireland bar horse racing, was suspended. The Sport of Kings did continue on for another fortnight before it too came into line. 

Sporting activity across the globe would eventually cease, though behind-closed-doors racing in Hong Kong and football in the Belarus Premier League continued.

And now in this second half of May, things are starting to stir again, the Bundesliga in Germany is back up an running, with more leagues across Europe planning to start in the next few weeks.

Racing in Ireland and Britain will resume in June, rugby is looking to the early autumn to finish off its premier club competitions and the Six Nations, the PGA Tour in golf is scheduled to restart in less than a month, while the GAA have stated that club action will be the priority in any resumption.

Hopefully, the next few weeks and months will see the conclusion of many competitions that were coming to the boil before venues saw their games.

Time then to test your knowledge on happenings from early in 2020.