The Club Players Association have issued a statement accusing the GAA of "contempt" and losing touch with its members after a motion from Roscommon on national fixture reform was voted down at Central Council last weekend.

The statement, signed by Roscommon county board member and CPA county co-ordinator Tommie Kenoy, said that the comprehensive rejection of the call for an immediate review was "a clear sign of contempt by our main governing body for a motion deliberated, discussed and passed by the clubs of Roscommon at a time of great concern over the GAA’s fixtures crises."

Kenoy accused GAA director general Tom Ryan of trying to frustrate the motion and levelled the charge that "those who lead the organisation have lost touch with the Association’s grassroots members, who want a games schedule that will bring regularity and certainty to GAA fixtures at both club and inter-county levels.

"This tells us clearly that the Association is fast becoming a corporate elitist body whose leaders have lost sight of the GAA’s central ethos; a community-based Gaelic games and culture organization with the club at its very core.

"Officialdom should get on the togs and try running their lives, family, work, social events, weddings, christenings and holidays amidst the chaos that is the GAA’s fixtures schedule."