Outgoing GAA Director General Páraic Duffy says that if managers are going to be paid then it should be done in an open and transparent manner.

Duffy is due to finish up in the job at the end of March, with his successor expected to be announced in the coming days.

Speaking in an interview on the RTÉ GAA Podcast the Monaghan man once again tackled the issue of under-the-table payments to football and hurling managers, which are rife at all levels of the games.

It is against the Association’s rules to pay a manager, but that doesn’t stop clubs and counties.

Duffy says that regulating payments, rather than banning them, might be a way of ending the charade.

He said: "I have made my views on payments to managers known and I would prefer if they weren’t paid. But if we are going to pay them, I would prefer if we paid them in a transparent manner, above board, where people know what’s going on.

"What’s happening at the minute isn’t good for the Association; turn a blind eye, shrug our shoulders and allow people to be paid under the table – that’s not good for anybody."

Speaking in an earlier interview with RTÉ Sport, Duffy expanded on this topic – a subject he addressed at length in his final report to Annual Congress in February.

Back in 2010 and 2012 he also suggested regulating the payments to managers, though he reckons even if this did happen rules would continue to be broken.

"I don’t think you’ll change it by legislation or by passing rules because they are impossible to implement," said Duffy, who has been in the job for ten years

"I wrote about this again in the report to Congress this year - it has to be a cultural thing. People have to realise that it’s not in the interests of the GAA, it weakens the GAA, when you break your own rules.

"How you get to that point and how you change that culture, I don’t know. I’m tired writing about it now because it’s not making much difference. People just shrug their shoulders and say ‘what can we do?’.

"You see at all levels, club as well as county, and it’s accepted that you pay the manager, that’s it. If you accept that they have to be paid for the work they do then you have to be open about it and say ‘okay, this is the system’.

"Then, people would probably break the rules so I don’t know how you’d get over it at this stage."