Anthony Moyles believes that Mickey Harte has made the Tyrone gameplan more adaptable in response to some early-season setbacks.

The Red Hands have had mixed results so far in the Allianz Football League, losing to Dublin and Galway,  but scored 2-13 in beating Donegal on Saturday night.

"I think they're really starting to get going again," former Meath star Moyles told Allianz League Sunday.

"I know the results haven't been great but I've seen enough of them now to know that they'll be a force again this year.

"Mickey Harte is a very smart manager.

"They had altered their style from the Dublin game, where they were kicking the ball in to the likes of (Lee) Brennan but on Saturday night they just got it and ran hard, with options off left and right.

"What happened against Dublin was not in the playbook. I think a lot of Tyrone fellas were just caught, rabbit in the headlights.

"Over the last number of weeks, he's been trying to develop this Plan B. If they're playing a certain defence they might use a diagonal kick-ball, if they're playing a team like Donegal that they can run at, they're using that."

Ciaran Whelan is concerned that Donegal's attempts to play a more expansive style under new manager Declan Bonner is leaving them exposed at the back.

"They're playing an attractive brand of football but they've lost their way defensively," he said.

"They've gone from one contrast to the other.

"They're committing bodies forward and when Tyrone broke they were on the back foot and there was a huge amount of space in behind.

"They've conceded eight goals in the League. They're up there with Kerry, one of the highest conceders.They gave away eight frees. 

"If I was Declan Bonner I'd be hugely disappointed with the level of intensity and the quality of their tackling. There was a laziness at times."