The Ladies Gaelic Football Association says they are ‘monitoring the situation’ after it came to light that the Limerick junior county football final between Gerald Griffins and Groody Gaels was scheduled for 9am on September 16.

Limerick football veteran Dymphna O’Brien is frustrated by the decision of the Limerick County Board but insists her side, Gerald Griffins will play the game.

"I sent to a message to the girls on the team telling them we need to focus on the game now," O’Brien told RTÉ Sport.

"We’ve got our message out there now but we need to go to training tonight and prepare for the game and the week ahead."

O’Brien has been an inter-county dual star for the best part of two decades. Last year she captained Limerick to the Division four National League title having lost five finals during her career. She scored 2-05 in the decider.  

"I’ve been playing a long time and I am very picky about preparation. This includes getting a good meal in and stretching.

"The field it is on is over an hour from our club, it means we will have to be up at 6am to start preparing for the match.

Her club Gerald Griffins had organized a bus to go to the final but that has been cancelled because they will have to leave so early in the morning.

"I don’t know how they think they are promoting the game and the sport when the kids are missing out on seeing it."

"It feels like one step forward two steps back. It’s disheartening, I’ve given everything to Limerick football I’ve never let them down.

"If they are not going to treat the clubs right how do they expect girls to want to play for the county."

The game was scheduled for 9am because Groody Gaels asked for a change due to an international women’s rugby tournament but Gerald Griffins couldn’t accommodate their request.

In a Facebook post the Limerick Ladies Gaelic Football board said: "every possible alternative date was suggested by Limerick Ladies Football board during protracted discussions at the September county board meeting.

"But Gerald Griffins could not accommodate any of several suggested new dates, between September 10 and December 31 - citing player availability.

"However, as the winners do not proceed into the Munster Championship, there is no urgency in getting the fixture completed.

"Limerick Ladies football Board would still welcome a new date being agreed between both clubs that would allow for the throw-in to take place at a more suitable time."