Donegal team doctor Kevin Moran has said that Aaron Findon should not receive any further punishment for shoving him to the ground during the All-Ireland football quarter-final clash between Donegal and Armagh at Croke Park.

Donegal eventually won a tight battle on a 1-12 to 1-11 scoreline.

Dr Moran has said that his only aim when intervening in a row between Armagh and Donegal players on Saturday was to protect a Donegal player.

He told the Irish Independent: "My overriding concern is always and only the safety of the players on the field, and in that particular case, my sole aim was to protect Karl Lacey.”

Donegal eventually won the match by a point to set up an All-Ireland semi-final clash with Dublin.

Findon has apparently contacted the Donegal camp to apologise for the incident and, according to Dr Moran, that should be the end of the matter.

He added: "I have had a message of apology conveyed to me today, and I have accepted it. I bear the player no ill-will whatsoever. I want that to be the end of the matter and I don't want to see any sanction against young Findon.

"All I want is for the young man to learn from this experience and that it would not happen again. I wish him well in his future career.”

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