Westmeath manager Paul Bealin is happy to experiment over the next number of weeks after seeing his side beaten by one point against his native Dublin on Sunday.

The new Lake County supremo has assessed over 70 players since taking over and named several new faces in the team against the Dubs.

Bealin stated: “We said one of the things we would do is create competition for places. Looking at those 71 players we whittled it down to 36. 

“A lot of those players never played for Westmeath at senior football before so it was good from that perspective to compete against Dublin. 

“We know Dublin can be stronger and bring players in and I’m sure so can we. 

“It is all about trying to find players for the league programme for 2 February against Cork which is important and that’s what we tried to do here.”

Bealin admitted it was an odd experience facing his home county but was more concerned about how his new side coped coming up against the All-Ireland champions.

He concluded: “When you’re playing against your own county it’s always very difficult, it’s always very strange, a strange feeling, having said that now when you step and you’re managing a team to play Dublin it’s all about how do we beat Dublin, how do we try and counteract their style of play and that’s what we looked at today."