GAA Director-General Paraic Duffy has reiterated a desire to make games more easily available to audiences outside Ireland.

The current rights agreements come to an end next year and Duffy hopes to make matches more accessible to GAA fans outside of the country.

He told “The current package is coming to an end and one of the priorities for us in terms of the next package of rights is to make our games more easily accessible to people all over the world, particularly in North America..

“Be it through television or the internet, whatever way it is, is the way to get the games out there. We’re absolutely determined to do that.

“There is a big demand from the Irish abroad to see the games and we want to meet that demand. Setanta have a lot of those rights at the moment.

“We’ve a lot of proposals and we’re talking to a lot of different groups and that’ll go on over the next few months.”