Tipperary have revealed their reasons for opposing the black card motion ahead of this weekend’s Annual Congress in Derry.

The Tipperary County Board are against the introduction of the rule that will enforce mandatory substitutions for an offence deemed worthy of the black card.

Fouls likely to incur a black card include purposefully bringing down an opposition player, or tripping an opponent with a hand, arm or foot.

Yellow and red cards would remain as previously. 

Tipperary PRO Ger Ryan has told RTÉ that they do not feel the rule is balanced fairly.

He said: "Tipperary is opposing the black card motion at congress. That was decided by a vote of delegates at our county board meeting on Tuesday night.

"There is a legitimate view that there is cynical play because the Football Review Committee have put an awful lot of effort into this and I don’t think they came to their conclusion lightly.

"People have a particular point of view to put across and when a debate is going on, it’s important they put their views strongly and use whatever evidence they have to get that view across.

"So I’m not surprised there are strong views being expressed on it.

"But I think we also have to look that people have other views and it is good to have debate.

"At our county board meeting delegates expressed the view that the black card was not the best way forward at this time because they felt there were a number of things that were not right about it.

"The main things they objected to was they felt it could cause confusion among players, it could make life difficult for referees, the public could be confused about it.

"They also felt it favoured the stronger teams who have substitutes readily available to come in. Weaker team, be it club or county, might not have that option available to them.

"On that basis the majority view was that we should oppose the black card motion."

Tipp will support some of the 73 motions including public timing and a mark which will be decided on today and tomorrow in Derry.

Ryan said: “We’re in favour of the mark, we’re in favour of moving the ball forward 30 metres. We’re in favour of the handpass score and we’re also in favour of the clock.

"So if you like there has been a very balanced debate in Tipperary.

"We’re in favour of some motions in relation to the Football Review Committee recommendations and one of the ones were opposed to is the black card."