Tomás Ó Sé suggests that the exhibition of long range shooting from Monaghan and Clare in Clones could be an another way to overcome the blanket defence.

Rather than going through it, teams with accurate shooters should think about going over it.

Monaghan edged out Clare by five points in an enormously high scoring contest in All-Ireland SFC Group 4, condemning the visitors to a certain exit with a game still to play.

Jack McCarron lit up the game, scoring 0-09 in total, the vast majority from play, Conor McCarthy running up 1-02 from play. On the other side, Cathal O'Connor and Jamie Malone clipped over 0-03 and 0-02 from play apiece.

Watching it, Ó Sé was struck by how many points were nailed from long range.

"You're always taught to defend the D, that area is always sacrosanct. You defend it hard," Ó Sé observed on The Sunday Game.

"An awful amount of the scores (in Clones) were outside the D.

"Wind wasn't a factor there. It was strange, you don't often see teams taking on chances the way you did there. Now, you could also ask, was the defending naive?

"As you get closer to the big prize, the defending becomes tighter and faster. But I do think there is something in longer range kicking.

"The Dubs always said you don't kick unless you get it inside to where there's a greater percentage chance of it going over.

"But I do think you will find teams looking at this. We saw David Clifford in the Páirc yesterday. Teams going over and back, over and back and then ball into Clifford, outside the 45, and it's drilled over the bar."