The 16-point win over reigning All Ireland champions Donegal has made the favourites tag unavoidable for Mayo as they prepare for this Sunday’s semi final against Tyrone.

“I’m sure they’re happy to come in under the radar,” Mayo Manager James Horan told RTÉ Sport.

"Maybe they might feed off the fact that we’re favourites and that we’re the guys shooting the lights out.

"I’m sure that might bring a smile to Mickey’s face. But we’ll just go away and prepare and do our stuff and I’m sure Mickey will go away and do his."

Mayo finished with a 4-17 to 1-10 scoreline against Donegal, but Horan is determined not to let complacency seep into his squad and - as always - he is keen to stress the strengths of his opponents.

"We’ll just go away and prepare and do our stuff and I’m sure Mickey will go away and do his" - James Horan

"I would absolutely have respect for this Tyrone team, for everything that they’ve achieved and for everything that they are doing and the type of guys that they are.

"Tyrone are very effective and maximise their resources, which is all that any team that can ever do. They’re never beaten. It’s never over. And you’ve seen that in the last couple of games that they’ve played - they’ve scraped through. And obviously with Mickey Harte involved they’ve a very effective and successful manager."

This year’s Championship has seen Mayo rack up some huge scorelines, with London dispatched by 5-11 to 0-10 in the Connacht final just weeks after Galway were handed a 4-16 to 0-11 beating. Yet the Mayo manager is keen to repeat his one-game-at-a-time mantra.

"Obviously a Connacht title is huge," said Horan.

"And three in a row, it’s a huge achievement. And we are very, very proud to do that. Connacht title gives you a crack at an All-Ireland quarter final. Winning a quarter final gives you a crack at a semi final. That’s it.

"What we are doing is preparing as well as we can for the match against Tyrone - we’ll be looking for the best performance of the year to date. In every training session we try to have the best training session we can. Try to improve. That is exactly what we’ve done."