Derry manager John Brennan has expressed disgust at the performance of referee Martin Higgins in his team’s Allianz Football League Division 2 defeat to Kildare at Newbridge.

Brennan was vexed by Higgins’ decision to award a dubious penalty to Kildare, and not to award a penalty to Derry, in an incident which the Oak Leaf boss thought was a clear spot kick.

Speaking to RTÉ’s Sunday Sport, Brennan said: “I blame the referee entirely, but I asked him as to why he didn’t give us the penalty at the end, when it seemed to be everyone around, spectators and all, thought it was a legitimate call, as opposed to the one that he did give [to Kildare].

“So, there’s a six-point turnaround. I wouldn’t have minded a penalty had the Kildare full-forward been going through on goal and been pulled down. But actually one of our defenders was away with the ball, soloing out the pitch, and he decided then that he’d give a penalty – belated.

“The full-back and full-forward were tangling, but to give a penalty for it, it’s wrong. But anyway, that’s the six-point turnaround. And we were beaten by five.

“I know that we made mistakes, we had a ball blocked down and they came down and scored the goal from it. Good luck to them. But we didn’t deserve to be beaten by five points there.

“That particular official was controversial to us in the McKenna Cup final and he travels from Fermanagh and does that today, so I hope he has a happy journey home.”