Horse Sport Ireland are eyeing an early return from the coronavirus restrictions and want to be among the first wave of sports allowed to resume action, albeit in a limited manner.

The HSI are hoping that equestrian sport can return swiftly and have made a submission to Government, aimed at ensuring that procedures can be put in place to allow an incremental resumption of the sport, when current Covid-19 restrictions are lifted 

Given that equestrian is a non-contact sport and performed in the open air, HSI are hoping that they will be able to return before more contact-heavy sports.

Horse Sport Ireland CEO Ronan Murphy explained: "In anticipation of some relaxation in the lockdown controls, we have developed an initial protocol to address the public health threats due to Coronavirus that could present at an equestrian venue when training sessions or competitions are taking place.

"Our sport is unique given that it is deemed low risk, it's a non-contact sport, it’s largely outdoor in its activity which does not enjoy large spectatorship, and as a result of that and the mitigation measures which we have outlined in our submission, we would like our sport to be considered as one to trial in the first wave of sports permitted to resume in a limited fashion.

"I have no doubt that when equestrian activity is permitted to resume that the sport horse community will be ambassadors to other sports in the context of vigilance and compliance."